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About Us

Corporate Bio

Three decades ago we began manufacturing all types of sheet metal parts.  From a humble beginning, using single stations punches, a small press brake, a jump shear and various hand tools, we have grown into a technologically advanced manufacturing facility.  We now use two CNC turret punches, a waterjet and an NC press brake to hold ever increasingly tight tolerances.  Our CNC programming department has over twenty years of experience creating any part needed while maintaining the lowest possible amount of lost materials and time expenditures.  All deburr operations are conducted on site, from simple sanding, grinding and tumbling to grained appearance finishing using our Timesaver or stroke sander.  During the many changes we have retained all of the knowledge that was gained in those first few years, as well as many of the machines, giving us a wide range of options at our disposal to meet the particular challenges that your part may pose.

Recent Milestone

Our recent purchase of a waterjet has added a level of versatility to our business that was before unseen by providing the ability to cut highly complex shapes while holding very tight tolerances.  We specialize in cutting several types of metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, stones and composites in sizes up to 72" x 155" and up to eight inches thick.